My Luv for couples App Reviews

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iPad compatibility

Please support iPad

Sync or link

This would be great if it was shared or linked or sync’d with your love. Then messages or pics or dates would be shared together.

The Essential App for Couple

This is one of the most well made and essential app for couple, no doubt.

예쁘고 직관적이에요!

예쁘고 직관적이에요!

This app is amazing

It's the best love counter I have found

Simple and great

This app is primarily for counting days and adding special days between you and your loved one. If you are looking to organize multiple events, you should look for calendar apps. Its design is simple and beautiful. I hate having cluttered screen so I'm loving the design. The only thing that bothered me was automated thumbnail for notification. Now they updated it and you can adjust your thumbnail just like instagram or facebook. There are lots of counting apps but I give this one for its great design. Worth the money

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